Time and space


Time&Space offer is a result of individual analysis. Each client is different; each requires custom-made solutions. The only thing that does not change is full professionalism, experience, involvement and the guarantee of significant savings.

Why is outsourcing and subcontracting offered by Time&Space so effective?

  • Increased productivity, reduction of employment and costs. You may focus on statutory activities; we will do what we excel at for you, at prices that are several times lower, with no unnecessary costs!
  • Guarantee of deadline meeting, even at season peaks. Our workers are always there for you even in the periods of  ‘holiday’ and the highest demand for your products!
  • Elimination of social costs, paid overtime, costs of shift work and any other cost related to employment of own, full-time workers.
  • Significant cost savings. Access to low-budget solutions through the use of difference between high costs of traditionally understood production (salaries, location, etc.) and low costs of outsourcing in Poland and Ukraine.
  • By ordering outsourcing service, you may focus on further development of the company’s statutory activity (e.g. investments, infrastructure).
  • Restructuring of costs. Because of outsourcing, pressure shifts from high overhead costs to lower floating costs. Additionally, floating costs become far more predictable.
  • Higher production quality. A guarantee of major changes as regards production quality because of the opportunity of contracting the service with the agreed and predictable conditions.
  • Knowledge. You get full access to our intellectual property, market experience and large resources of knowledge.
  • Reliable experts’ opinions. You get access to the best operation practices which are too difficult and time consuming to implement in your organisation.
  • Positive changes catalyser. Your company may also use the outsourcing offer to ensure possible positive changes, otherwise impossible to implement without assistance of a proven and trustworthy business partner. The outsourcer becomes one of the key organisations of the process.
  • Short time of service implementation. Accelerated development and production thanks to additional possibilities guaranteed by the supplier.
  • Risk management. One of the methods to manage the risk is to cooperate with the outsourcer.
  • Flexibility. We are prepared to cope with temporary increase or drop in your production possibilities.