Time and space

Meet Time & Space

Time&Space is an innovative company established in 2009. Using the possibilities offered by outsourcing of human resources subcontracting in production and Lean Manufacturing, Time&Space has adjusted perfectly to needs of current economic situation.

Time&Space is an indispensable business partner thanks to which your business will benefit from outsourcing. As a result of introducing Lean Manufacturing, we will save precious TIME for you. You will not need new manufacturing and IT solutions. We will also save SPACE required to distribute production plant, store materials and finished goods.  Time&Space will do it all for you so that you will save money and improve your competitiveness!    

As a provider of steering wheels covers and wire harness assembly services, we offer the following benefits for our clients:

  • Extensive (over 10-year) experience of our management in the sector of car steering wheel covers and assembly of wire harness, which makes our company a trustworthy and competent business partner to rely on.
  • Perfect location of production plants in Wałbrzych (Poland) and Stryi (Ukraine) guarantees a fast access to qualified and cheap workforce.
  • The service outsourced to Ukraine offers access to the cheapest workforce in the entire Eastern Europe. We may ensure full service in all aspects of project implementation including assuming full responsibility for the results and current operation. Therefore, buying the service in Poland you will get a highest quality product allowing for the minimum cost of labour in Ukraine.

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